El Paso True Food Buying Club

Update: Some good & bad news, but mostly good! True Food is growing, and has added an eastside location at Just Fit Foods. The library is no longer a pickup location (sad face); Belle Sucre is the new westside pickup.  The $10 and $20 bag options have been discontinued, but actually they have merged into one $30 box. Be sure to visit the website (www.elpasotruefood.com) to see all the changes and most importantly, to get your orders in!

ep true food 1

We have another CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) option in El Paso! Unfortunately, it is another west and downtown option, but at least Skarsgard Farms has added eastside pick-up at The Herb Garden, and a Sprouts is slated to open on Zaragoza in 2016.

Through blogging and Instagram, I’ve met sisters, Vanessa and Adriana. They are awesome people who are also library advocates, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence! 😉 Vanessa has this amazing blog that should have won the Best of Best Blogger award every single year, but it hasn’t because it looks so fancy and professional, I don’t think anyone has figured out that she’s local! Go check it out, it’s called Tried & True: www.triedandtrueblog.com. Anyways, we were able to form a partnership, making the Dorris Van Doren Library a pick-up location.

True Food Buying Club is affordable and best of all, the produce is local and organically-grown. Visit their website, www.elpasotruefood.com for all of the details and to place an order. You pay online by Wednesday (midnight is the cutoff time to order) and then pick up your bag at either Belle Sucre Bakery (7500 N.Mesa), Dorris Van Doren Library (551 Redd Rd.), downtown at Mom’s Fresh Juice (518 W. San Antonio), or east at Just Fit Foods (12115 Montwood) on Saturdays from either 11 am-1 pm or 12-2 pm (check the site for exact times). Unlike Skarsgard, you don’t get to choose the contents, but the contents have varied enough to keep me ordering each week. I’m not a fan of chard, so that was the only thing I disliked getting, but I just tossed it in a smoothie and I was good to go! You can order a $10 bag of produce that comes from Sol y Tierra Farms over in Anthony or a $20 bag that comes with a bit more items and is from Preferred Produce (certified organic) in Deming. The $30 box has produce from these two farms along with Mountain View Co-op in Las Cruces. There is also now the option to add a loaf of bread from Belle Sucre Bakery, which will also change weekly! This week’s option is cranberry walnut loaf.

Here are some of the previous $10 brown bags:

Adriana has been reaching out to local chefs to showcase their talents in the form of a monthly recipe card. The Chef of the Month creates and shares a recipe using in-season and/or the bag’s items. Past chefs have included Chef Rulis of Rulis’ International Kitchen, Chef Lawrence of Tom’s and Dark Horse, and Chef Rudy of the Pan y Agua Group (Crave & TI:ME restaurants at Montecillo).
These were the sweetest, yummiest strawberries I’ve ever had! So tiny, too!
ep true food 2
Sometimes you get fresh herbs like mint, oregano, thyme, or sage!
ep true food belle sucre
Add a loaf of Belle Sucre bread for $4! I was lucky enough to be one of the first to order this basket and win this loaf 😀


  1. Thanks so much for your super sweet words about my blog and for spreading the word on the True Food box. It was such a tough decision to move from the library but we hope to continue building a strong relationship with you and the library!

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