Review: Nakd Natural Balance Bars

To me, nutrition or cereal bars are quick, on-the-go snacks that I dislike; they’re either overly-sweetened or have that weird protein taste, and definitely do not abstain my hunger. In the last couple of years, I’ve become a fan of the fruit and nut bars that are devoid of added sugars or protein supplements. They’re simple and delicious, so I was really excited to try Nakd bars when the company contacted me to review their product.

hello nakd bars
Well, hello!

Natural Balance Foods company packs raw fruits and nuts into a bar without added sugars, syrups, or honey. Depending on the bar’s flavor, they mostly contain dates, cashews, almonds, pecans, raisins, and natural flavorings that really are naturally occurring, like spices and extracts. They aren’t baked, but are cold-pressed instead, and are also completely wheat-, dairy-, and gluten-free. Nine very intriguing options make up their fruit and nut bar line: rhubarb & custard, cocoa mint, cocoa orange, cocoa delight, caffe mocha, pecan pie, gingerbread, cashew cookie, and berry delight. Last year, they introduced a crunch line (strawberry, banana, cocoa, and apple) that I especially enjoyed. I loved the extra texture and protein the soya crunchies added without that weird protein flavor.

I was a bit surprised at which flavors ended up being my favorites. I liked the gingerbread, cocoa orange, and caffe mocha a lot (and of course all the crunch ones). I was super excited for the rhubarb custard, but it was a bit of a letdown, tasting more rhubarb-y than custard-y. I recommend getting their sampler case so that you can try them all, which is only $9.99 right now!

The bars are made in Britain and currently not distributed in the U.S., but can be ordered from their website…AND they’re offering free standard shipping until January 31, 2015! You can find them in various stores in Canada. Be sure to visit their website to check out their complete story and more info on their product. They’re a great company that also donates to animal and people charities. Also, check out the Community section of their site for articles like “Vegan Diet Plan for Beginners,” which includes a brownie recipe.

A royal smooching of just fruits & nuts!
A royal smooshing of just fruits & nuts!

Disclaimer: Natural Balance Foods sent me a box of bars in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.


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