Pizza in El Paso

Thanks to an article from one of our local radio stations, I now know that October is pizza month! It’s also prompted me to throw in my own two snobby cents about local pizza in general. Chime in with your local favorites!

5 Best Places to get Pizza in El Paso, according to Mike from Kiss FM:

  1. House of Pizza
  2. Ardovino’s Desert Crossing
  3. Casa Pizza
  4. The Pizza Joint
  5. Grimaldi’s

Read the full article here>>

  • First off, I ashamedly have never tried House of Pizza and Casa Pizza. These are legendary local institutions and they’re on my to-eat list.
  • I have had pizza from Ardovino’s Pizza, but not Desert Crossing. I have a thing about ordering pizza at restaurants that don’t specialize in pizza; so, maybe an Italian place has great pizza, but it won’t make my list. Desert Crossing probably has great pizza because they have a wood-burning oven that you can see and smell right as you walk up to their beautiful establishment. I think Ardovino’s Pizza is average and their crust is super thin, but many will appreciate their gluten-free crust option and the Four Seasons Pizza is kinda awesome. It’s a 15″ pizza divided into these quarters: sundried tomato and pesto, artichoke and roasted red pepper, green chile and ricotta, and spinach and garlic.
  • The Pizza Joint. I’m torn because I really want to like this place. It’s got a great vibe, they offer pizza by the slice, they stay open as late as 3 am on the weekends, and they carry vegan cheese. It’s something about their sauce that I don’t like. Something tastes too overpowering to me, like maybe too much rosemary.
  • I haven’t tried Grimaldi’s, but shame on Mike for including a chain! He didn’t say anything about keeping his list local, but still. That said, it’s also on my to-eat list. 😉

EP Veg Snob’s top 5:

  1. Andre’s  This is classic pizza at its best. It’s a shame that the UTEP location closed down, and only the Westwind location remians. You can order it whole or by the slice. Be sure to try their addicting homemade Greek and ranch dressings. Both dressing are a must; they’re so good, you’ll want to drink them.
  2. Sparrow’s Spirits & Pies Delicious Chicago-style deep dish stuffed pies you won’t find anywhere else in town. It can take up to 45 minutes to bake & it may seem pricey, but it’s worth it.
  3. Tosca Stone Oven Pizzeria  After the owner of Sunset Pizzeria (used to be my favorite) decided to retire, he gave staff members his blessing to take the vision and recipes and revamp them into Tosca down the street. Pizza was decent when they first opened, but now they’ve tweaked everything and it’s spot-on. You can choose between red or white pizzas, and even a green enchilada pizza. This is one of El Paso’s most underrated restaurants.
  4. Rulis’/Unrulis‘ Last year, Chef Rulis opened sister restaurant, Unruli’s Pints & Pizza at Sunset’s former location. What a relief it was to know that that oven wouldn’t go to waste. A year later, Ruli’s International Kitchen and Unruli’s have merged into one and the same location with pizzas still on the menu. I think a simple cheese pizza is the way to go here, but you can get crazy with kale as a topping if it’s in stock.
  5. Cicala’s Italian Pizza This place hasn’t even been open a year, and they’re already on my list. Their crust is brushed with olive oil and fresh minced garlic. It’s on Fort Blvd., past Manhattan Heights.

If I could throw a chain into this list it would be Peter Piper Pizza, hands down. It’s so good, I often think I can’t live in a place without Peter Pipers.

Peter Piper Pizza
Peter Piper Pizza

A runner-up on my list is Nona’s. I like their pizza and I like the place, but they are just too inconsistent to include as one of the best.

The Gringo @ Nona's
The Gringo @ Nona’s

Another place that I haven’t tried whose name gets thrown around a lot as having the best pizza is Cafe Italia.

Miscellaneous lists, because I’m a librarian & like to share information.

Vegan Pizza

Of course you can make any pizza vegan by ordering it without cheese, but where’s the fun in that? I believe all of these places use Daiya brand cheese.

  • The Pizza Joint You can add vegan cheese for $1 to any 16″ or 20″ pizza. Be sure to specify vegan red sauce, too or get the roasted garlic spread as a base.
  • The Healthy Pizza Co. This place appeals to all dietary walks. Whether you are paleo, vegan, lactose intolerant, or gluten sensitive, they’ve got a menu item for you. Vegan cheese is also a dollar upcharge here. I have qualms with this place because I included them as a nominee in the 2013 Best of Vegetarian Food of El Paso awards in the pizza category. They then asked the Vegetarian Society to remove their name from their dining guides because they do not want to be considered a pizza place which is unhealthy, or something or other. What?!
  • Eloise No pizza here, but I thought it was worth mentioning that they currently have these yummy flatbread pizza bites. Vegan cheese is avalable upon request.

Food Trucks


Healthy Pizza Co.
Healthy Pizza Co.




    • Everyone seems to be enamored by Grimaldi’s here. Andre’s is indeed still serving pizza, I just didn’t take a pic. A couple of weeks ago, we had a large 3 topping pizza for $10 and it was amazing! Love me some Peter Piper! It always reminds of Paul! XD

  1. Nona ‘ s, Chicago and Papa Murphy’s are pretty good.Rosati’s is ok but their service is bad. Dion’s in Las Cruces is good. I think one of the worst places in town is The Pizza Joint. I agree with Peter Piper being very good. This is a good post. Thank you for sharing it.

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