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The Ballpark has to be one of the most controversial things that’s ever happened to El Paso. It’s mostly the way everything was handled, which we won’t get into here. I will say that at first, I was on no one’s side, especially since I’m a public librarian and our library system is a City department. Library patrons would come in and rant about it daily, and all I could do was smile and nod. But when fines and fees would come up, we now had a deflector. All problems could be blamed on that damn ballpark!

Well, I am in love with that damn ballpark. It’s a beautiful facility that’s like a scaled-down MLB park. Tickets are reasonably priced, but food, beverages, and souvenirs are where it gets expensive. Expect to pay $4 for a bottled water or soda. Twelve ounce draft beers begin at $5, but Thrifty Thursdays offers $2 select beers, popcorn, and Chihuarrrines. Chihuarrrines are those fried puffed wheat snacks, also known as chilindrinas. Don’t forget, they stop selling alcohol at end of the 7th inning.

As overpriced as the food may be, it’s creative and reflective of our city. There are condiment stations that have the typical fixings like onions, relish, ketchup, and mustard, but they also have jalapenos, two kinds of salsa, Valentina hot sauce, and Heinz hot sauce. Meateaters have all the fun and get the best value. At $10 each, they can opt for the nachos topped with pieces of beef and served in a souvenir dog bowl, huevos rancheros burger, or green chile bacon cheeseburger (burger baskets come with fries). Vegetarian options are limited to a $6 slice of cheese pizza from Peter Piper Pizza and a hummus sampler. For $9, you get black bean hummus, edamame hummus, and classic garlic hummus with pita chips. Sounds great, but I didn’t try it. Something about eating nine dollar hummus at a ball game didn’t sit right in my stomach.

Baseball stadiums across the nation, both professional and AAA, have better vegetarian and vegan options like veggie dogs, burgers, sausage, and more. Maybe we can convince Ovations Food Service to do the same by filling out this survey: www.ovations-survey.com

If you have a ticket valued at $10 or more, be sure to visit The City Hall Grill and Sun Kings Saloon (staff actually checks tickets at the door). Draft beer, wine, a full liquor bar, and a food menu that differs slightly from the other concession stands are available at these air-conditioned open seating areas. However, there are outside ticketed seats facing the field that cost about $17.

Not available at the concession stands, is the fried salsa appetizer, which they had run out of the two times I had gone. The third time’s a charm, because I finally got to try them, and after all the self-induced hype, they were a mild disappointment. For some reason I was expecting something like a cheese stick or cheese curd with a salsa center. Instead, they were salsa-speckled hush puppies that were overcooked and hard. At least the avocado crema drizzle was delicious. I’m a sucker for avocados and lime.

When you go to a game, make sure you fully explore the stadium. There is public artwork everywhere. Every time I go, I see something I missed the last time. Now if only I could explore the VIP areas. Hint, hint 😉



Click on the images to enlarge. Please note that menu items & prices are subject to change.

EP Ballpark Food Guide 1

EP Ballpark Food Guide 2


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  1. […] Hands down, the ballpark was 2014’s biggest local newsmaker, and the food was no exception. Huevos Rancheros burgers, buffalo chicken and waffle sandwiches, Memphis meets Mexico hotdogs, fried alligator and more could all be found at the concessions. And, who wouldn’t want to eat nachos out of a commemorative dog bowl? Vegetarian options were limited to cheese pizza and a pricey hummus platter. I’d really like to see a veggie dog or brat! Check out my food and pricing guide here>>. […]

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