The Burger List Updated

I compiled a “Burger List” on this blog four years ago, and it’s been begging me to update it for at least two years. In these past few years, El Paso’s restaurant scene has not only grown, but menus have also transformed. In this updated list, I have deleted only two restaurants— Jaxon’s, because it is now closed and Ruby Tuesday (Las Cruces), because they no longer carry a veggie burger. I added 10 restaurants, of which 8 are locally owned! I am also happy to add that the majority make their own patties. Isn’t that great? Kudos to these local businesses for putting thought and creativity into their product. And kudos to a steakhouse for offering a veggie burger! Great American at Yarborough may not make their own veggie burger, but they understand that steak-lovers have vegetarian friends and family members, too.

Some places serve vegan patties, but the toppings and/or bun are not vegan. Cielo Vista Natural Market, The Green Ingredient, and Hello Day are the only ones I know of that are completely vegan. The Mustard Seed Cafe has served a great vegan burger in the past, but they are not on my list because they change their menu weekly. It’s uncertain if and when they would repeat that menu.

My list only includes burgers that use a patty; portabella burgers are excluded from the list.

Please note that I compiled this list from my experiences and menu and social media listings. Items, prices, and specials are subject to change. My favorites have been Hoppy Monk, Ripe, and The Green Ingredient.

Feel free to let me know if I missed anyone, corrections, and/or your favorite veggie burger (doesn’t matter if it’s not in El Paso).

Locally Owned:

Cielo Vista Natural Market (eastside) Veggie Burger (I can’t remember, but it is not made there & I don’t think it comes with a side) $5.99

CocoMiel/Coco.Bar (eastside) Green Chili Burger. Veggie patty served with pepper jack, tomatoes, mixed greens, avocado, green chile, sautéed onions, and mushrooms. I haven’t tried it yet. $12

Crave Kitchen & Bar (west & eastside) They used to make a falafel-like patty in-house. Now I think they use the 3 Grain Veggie Burger from US Foods, which is vegan. You can sub it in any burger. Prices start at $11.50. Bonus: $5 burger night on Tuesdays after 8 pm.

Great American Steakburger @ Yarborough (eastside) There are several Great American restaurants across town, and it gets really confusing because they have different owners, which means different menus. The Yarborough location is the only one that I know of that offers a veggie burger. I think it’s also the 3 Grain patty from US Foods. $7.99

The Greenery (westside inside Sunland Park Mall) Veggie Burger (used to be Gardenburger. Unsure what it is now). Starts at $9

The Green Ingredient Eatery (downtown inside Chase building) The GI Veggie Burger is made in-house & contains black beans, brown rice, & southwestern seasonings (vegan). It’s a whopping $13, but worth it! It comes with your choice of a side and mango ketchup. Bonus: $8 burgers Mon-Fri from 11 am-12 pm.

Hello Day Café (downtown) Black Bean Burger (vegan). Housemade patty made of Indian-spiced black beans, with roasted broccoli & peppers. $10

The Hoppy Monk (central/UTEP area) Veggie Monk (patty is vegan) housemade black bean-pumpkin patty served with provolone, arugula, red onion, tomatoes, & balsamic aioli. $10 Bonus: $5 slider night on Wednesdays after 5 pm (specify veggie monk sliders).

Hudson’s Grill (eastside) $1 extra charge to sub a Gardenburger patty in any burger. Shame on them for upcharging!

High Desert Brewing Co. (Las Cruces) Veggie Burger (haven’t tried it) $6.99

Independent Burger (westside) Quinoa Black Bean Burger $10 (sides sold separately) Bonus: $10 featured burger, fries, and beer or shake night on Thursdays after 8 pm.

The Magic Bistro (westside) Veggie burger on a brioche bun (haven’t tried it)

Ripe Eatery (westside) Southwest Black Bean Burger served with marinated onions, chipotle mayo, L & T. Housemade patty has vegetables, oats, quinoa, nuts, & cheese. $12 Bonus: $8 burgers on Tuesdays from 5-9 pm

The Riviera Cocina & Cantina (westside) Veggie burger (servers didn’t know which brand, but I think it’s an Amy’s brand black bean patty) served with white cheddar and a side salad or fries. $8.49  Bonus: Burgers are on special on Tuesdays. I think they’re $6 or $7.

Steve-O’s  (eastside) 3 grain veggie patty, mozzarella, roasted red bell pepper aioli, avocado, L.T.O. $9

Toro Burger (Airport area) They used to make their own, but I think they switched to Morningstar. I haven’t been there in years, so I’m not sure what they use now. $7 (sides sold separately)

Tutu’s Burger & Hand Carwash (eastside) Best way to describe this housemade burger? Delicious monstrosity. It’s a panko-crusted patty similar to falafel that’s slathered with tahini sauce and salsa, topped with lettuce and pickled cucumbers on a fresh-baked bun from Seham’s Bakery. As if it couldn’t get any better, you can choose between regular homemade chips or sweet potato chips topped with honey and feta. $10


BJ’s Brewhouse (eastside) Substitute a Gardenburger veggie patty for any half pound burger. $8.95 and up.

Buffalo Wild Wings (eastside, westside, Freedom Crossing @ Fort Bliss, & Las Cruces) Build your own black bean burger (Morningstar Black Bean Patty). I think prices start at $8.95 Do not eat anything deep-fried here. Their frying oil contains beef tallow! : (

Burger King (citywide) Morningstar Farms Garden Veggie Burger. $2.89 for just the burger, no cheese.

Chili’s (citywide) Black Bean Patty (Morningstar). You can sub it in anything, even wraps and the new bowls. The Guacamole Burger is the best one. Burger prices start at around $8

Denny’s (citywide) Build your own burger (Amy’s Veggie Burger, vegan). Prices start at around $7.99, but I think you can get the $6 classic burger and sub the veggie patty, only difference is it doesn’t have cheese and you can’t really modify the toppings.

Fuddrucker’s (citywide) Gardenburger (closed for now with plans of reopening)

Smashburger (Freedom Crossing at Fort Bliss) Avocado Ranch Black Bean Burger served with pepper jack, or you can build your own. This chain actually makes their own patties. Please note that cooking areas are shared. $6.39 (sides sold separately)

Spec’s (west/Sunland Park area) May not be El Paso-owned, but it is Texas-owned! Fantastic selection of wine, beer, and liquor. Did you know you can eat at the deli? Veggie Burger (Boca patty) $5.99 (sides sold separately) Side-note: If you’re really craving a burger, order it, but you must try the Veggie Delite sandwich. It’s jam-packed with veggies and goat cheese.

Sandwich shops that use a veggie patty:

Subway (citywide, but varies by location) Some locations carry an oblong veggie patty that fits the sub. I think it’s Morningstar brand.

Which Wich? (eastside) Black bean patty. I think it’s Morningstar brand, too. Various sizes, including a bowl option. Starts at $5.25

Corn & Black Bean PattySandwich @ Which Wich?
Corn & Black Bean Patty Sandwich @ Which Which. Can you believe this is the small?!


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