Tofu Scramble Hits EPTX

It’s here you guys! The tofu scramble is starting to trend in El Paso! Let me know if I missed any places and if you know of any Las Cruces spots.

As of March 2014, you can find tofu scramble (or something similar) at the following El Paso establishments:

Opus World Bistro
Tofu scramble is available by request during their Sunday Brunch Buffet from 10:30 am-2 pm.

It’s pricey, but worth it. Visit their site for a 10% off coupon. Endless mimosas or sangria (they have vegan wines), cold dishes including salads, hot sides, a pasta station, cheese and fruit table, and a ridiculous amount of desserts were the veg offerings when I went for my birthday. I asked about other vegan options and they told me that they have a tofu scramble with onions, peppers, and mushrooms. It was really simple and good! Later on during my visit, I overheard them telling a customer they had other vegan options in the back like squash blossom something and a chocolate cake. Either I asked the wrong waiter or I’m just not in the cool kids club!  *sigh*

Puebla Poblano available every day during food service hours.

I thought I disliked poblanos until I had this fantastic brunch dish at Eloise. It’s not really a scramble, but more of a tofu and mushroom saute, stuffed inside a roasted poblano with avocado. It’s now on the breakfast menu which is available all day and comes with white beans (used to be on the weekend brunch menu).

The Green Ingredient
Tofu scramble is served Monday-Friday from 7-10:30 am.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure it’s as delicious as all their other menu items. You get organic tofu, asparagus, carrots, green onions, tomatoes, and their house-blend of spices. FYI: I was shocked when I was charged $3.50 for a coffee to go. I understand that it’s from Picacho Roasters, French press, and very good, but you can get Picacho coffee from Hello Day, Kinley’s, and Eloise for almost half that price!

The Hoppy Monk
Veggie Monk Hash served during brunch on Saturdays from 11 am-3 pm and Sundays from 11 am-4 pm.

Pumpkin, black beans, corn, and spices make up one of the best house-made veggie burgers in town. Now serving brunch on Sundays, The Hoppy Monk has incorporated their Veggie Monk veggie patty into a delicious hash. The patty is broken up and mixed with potatoes atop their River Ale Apricot Habanero wing sauce. It’s a little spicy and sweet, hitting all the right flavor notes. Tofu scramble is served alongside the hash with your choice of a side. They just might get my vote for best vegan brunch this year.

Okay, this isn’t necessarily tofu scramble and it doesn’t really count as breakfast or brunch, but they do open at 11 am, Tuesday-Saturday.

I always have to plug Tacoholics, because their tofu tacos are amazing! They’re the closest thing we’ve got to a vegetarian breakfast taco sans the egg, besides Taco Cabana. I just need them to get on the vegetarian bean wagon- refried or whole, I ain’t picky.

Top left: Tacoholics. Middle: Brunch Buffet @ Opus. Top right: Breakfast taco @ home. Lower lieft: Veggie Monk Hash @ Hoppy Monk. Loer right: Puebla Poblano @ Eloise.
Top left: Tacoholics. Middle: Brunch Buffet @ Opus. Top right: Breakfast taco @ home. Lower left: Veggie Monk Hash @ Hoppy Monk. Lower right: Puebla Poblano @ Eloise.


  1. Thanks, Lisa! Yum! Can’t wait to try it all! Happy and healthy eating to you!

    Maria Clay-Emerson President Results Video, Inc. 4585 Ripley Drive, Bldg. 2 El Paso, Texas 79922 T (915) 581-0184 F (915) 581-9461

  2. Thank you for this list! I did want to mention to you that Taco Cabana is not really safe for vegetarians, as their flour tortillas & beans are made with lard. Just a heads up!

    • You’re welcome! Unfortunately it already needs updating. Opus closed down & Eloise changes its menu & no longer has that item, but they have plenty of vegan/vegetarian brunch options on the weekend. Good news is that mountain view mkt & co-op in Las Cruces has a vegan weekend brunch hot bar that has tofu scramble! Taco Cabana is totally safe! While the refried bean have lard & rice has chicken stock, the flour tortillas are vegetarian (they’re made w/veg shortening & whey) & the black beans & corn tortillas are vegan. Thanks for taking the time to read & comment! 🙂

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