Happy National Taco Day!

As an El Pasoan, I am ashamed to tell you that no restaurants in El Paso are celebrating National Taco Day that I know of. If you know of any, please let me know!!! Taco Cabana was the only one giving away free tacos and Bikini Joe’s had 50 cent tacos, but that was Tuesday. The Rivieria (veg friendly tacos) and Jaxon’s (not veg friendly tacos) have their usual taco nights on Mondays. I might have to pick up some soyrizo on the way home.

My favorite local tacos are the potato tacos at The Riviera and the tofu tacos from Tacoholics. My favorite out of town taco is the Fried Avocado from Torchy’s Tacos in Austin. I thought it weird that the taco had 2 corn tortillas, but when the filling busted though after attempting to use only one tortilla, I knew why. It also may have been because the tortillas were steamed instead of heated on the burner or a comal.

Where have you had the best tacos besides your mom or abuelita’s?

Instataco: Some of my taco pics on Instagram. Follow me @bettyfemme. Top pic is of surprisingly good guacamole tacos from a VSEP dinner at the Holiday Inn. The rest are of soyrizo, tofu scramble, Korean bbq, Gardein beef tips w/chipotle, calabacitas, & papa.

EPV Taco Recipe Roundup

Taco recipes that I’ve blogged about.

Other stuff you might need for taco night:

Wow, that’s it? I need to add more taco recipes!

Also, check out Bon Appetit’s interactive Taco Party Primer. It’s got everything from making tortillas from scratch to flying lucahdores. There are recipes that contain meat, but some can easily be vegified.



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