Urbanspoon Blog: Strip Mall Stigma

I’ve already announced the big news on Twitter and Facebook, but have not done so here. Back in June, I saw a post on Urbanspoon’s Facebook page about a call for two bloggers. I applied just for fun, because I knew they would never hire an El Pasoan, much less a vegetarian. Well…they were so excited by the quality and quantity of applicants that they decided to choose 7…and I was one of them! I am so grateful and flattered by this opportunity. 😀

Be sure to visit and subscribe to the Urbanspoon blog so that you can read everyone’s posts. Urbanspoon is also in the process of revamping their blog, so stay tuned for the new site.

Here’s an excerpt of my first article:

Your friend invites you to try a new restaurant – but it’s in a strip mall. She’s heard really good things about it – but it’s in a strip mall. You immediately look up the restaurant on Urbanspoon and find mostly positive reviews, sprinkled with hackneyed phrases like “a hidden gem” or “don’t let the strip mall exterior fool you!”

We’ve all dined at strip malls, and they are certainly not a new concept, but what is it about these restaurants that make us uneasy? Why is there a difference in attitude towards the standalone versus the strip mall locale?

You can read the full article on the Urbanspoon blog.



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