App Review: Foodspotting

This is part of a series of reviews of apps for iPhones that are veg friendly.

Title: FoodSpotting
Platform: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone, & Google Play
Cost: free
Key features: find and rate dishes from restaurants through images

This is one of my favorite apps, and I especially love that you can visit their website on a computer without having to download the app. Foodspotting is a visual app/site that helps you find the best dishes in almost any city that you’re in. There’s no need to read through lengthy written reviews or even sift through bad reviews. The photo reviews are all meant to be positive in order to highlight a good dish(es) that a restaurant serves.


  • Share the dishes you love by uploading photos, aka “spot it”
  • Ability to search by restaurant, food, tags, and guides.
  • Bookmark foods/dishes you want to try by clicking “want it!”
  • Vote up foods you’ve tried and loved by clicking “nom it!”
  • Earn points and badges (although their badges aren’t as fun as foursquare).
  • You can also follow people, foods, restaurants, and guides.
  • Share the dishes you spot on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, & Flickr.
  • Create guides. The possibilities are endless. I created a Veg El Paso guide that highlights local vegetarian dishes. Check it out here. The CVB (convention & visitors bureau) should utilize this feature!

Cons: El Paso needs more Foodspotters!

For more info on the app, visit this page. An Average Joe in San Antonio has a great Foodspotting 101 post. Check it out here.









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