Personal Update

Great news! Tobey has been found!

I was excitedly looking forward to a three day weekend last week where I planned to rest, catch up with everything, blog, and prepare for Vegan Mofo. Instead, I spent the entire weekend looking for my two missing dogs. I believe they were able to get out of the yard because the neighbor’s kids left the gate open. At first I wasn’t really worried, but by nightfall, I was a wreck. The weekend was spent driving and walking around, posting flyers, and visiting Animal Services, Animal Rescue League, and the Humane Society. It was hard not to break down throughout the course of each day. My mind obsessively replayed thoughts and feelings of regret, guilt, and worry.

Monday morning brought fantastic news when neighbors saw our flyer and called us to let us know that they had found Olive. Unfortunately, Tobey is still missing, and today marks a week that he has been gone. We have visited Animal Services a few more times, re-posted new flyers, and continuously check Craigslist. Tobey is microchipped, but his collar is missing his tags. He chewed up a previous collar and I hadn’t replaced the tags on his new collar. All could have been avoided if I had only replaced these tags. I feel like such an irresponsible parent.

Tobey is a large baby. That’s the only way to describe this one and a half year old, ninety pound Lab mix. He gets babied because he is the only male in a house of five females (2 humans, 2 felines, and 1 canine). He is also the worst dog ever, which requires you to love him even more. The book/movie Marley and Me strikes a little too close to home. Some people have even asked us if we’re relieved that he’s gone missing, since we complain about how bad he is and how much he has destroyed. This is far from the truth and an air of melancholy has settled over the house. Tobey is part of our family and we miss him dearly. I need to stop writing before I break down again. This has been so hard.

Please let us know if you have any information or have seen him. We are grateful for all of the kind thoughts, suggestions, help, and support our family and friends have given us during this time.

Haute Couture. Tobey wears a hand-chewed desert scarf made of the finest coaxial cables.
He has an extra toe. We didn't intentionally call him Tobey.


  1. My families thoughts are with you and we’re sending all our positive energy your way, we lost our little Gizmo recently and we know how hard it is waiting and just hoping they are safe at the very least.

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