Review: Create Gourmet Eats Food Truck

For me, tracking down a food truck with vegetarian options in El Paso often proves to be a formidable task. Problems I’ve encountered have been that there are only a handful in town, they tend not to be very mobile, they have odd hours, they run out of the veggie option, and sometimes they’re not very consistent or adept at social media. A month ago, I was delighted to find that one of the newest food trucks would be downtown at a convenient time for me.Loft Light Studio, located on El Paso Street, was hosting their monthly Martket event, and Create was serving up burgers outside. When I arrived, I immediately saw the brightly colored truck and heard music blaring from the speakers attached to the vehicle. There was already a line, and people were coming in and out of the building. I didn’t go into the Martket event because I didn’t want to pay the $5 entry fee since I couldn’t stay for long. I definitely want to check it out next time!

I must admit that I was a little disappointed to find that the veggie option was a portabella burger rather than an actual veggie burger patty. If you read my previous post, ‘Portabella or Portobello?, then you know my feelings towards the ubiquitous mushroom burger. According to their menu, the Portabella Burger is a tender marinated portabella mushroom cap, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, and mixed greens on a multigrain ciabatta bread. All 4 of their “House Eats” are $7 and served with shoe string fries. For $1 extra, you can sub the fries for fresh asparagus or sweet potato fries.

If you’re not into the “House Eats,” you can create your own fix. For $7, you choose the protein, bread, cheese, sauce (all made from scratch), and toppings. I decided to trust the House, and ordered the portabella burger the way it comes, since it sounded so delicious. My disappointment vanished after biting into an explosion of flavors and textures. The mushroom was perfectly cooked and marinated, and bits of chewy sun-dried tomatoes were complimented by perfectly ripe avocado. There wasn’t any cheese in it and I was surprisingly okay with that. The only drawback was that there were a few bites that tasted oversalted, but I’m guessing it was due to the sun-dried tomatoes. I don’t really like ciabatta bread, but this one was soft and I loved the seeds on top. I tried both varieties of fries and both were good, but also a little salty.

They also sell Jones Sodas and sweets, such as Andes Mint brownies and Kit Kat brownies.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a vegan option.

Visit these links:
In front of Loft Light Studios (315 S. El Paso) on June 30, 2011
Order here!
Portabella Burger w/Sweet Potato Fries

Create Gourmet Eats (Food Truck) on Urbanspoon



  1. Im glad you decided to try the portabella mushroom burger since you seemed to judge before you knew how good it actually was. As far as the menue is concerned im sure they will include more selections at a future time. For just starting off they sure have a big fan base so they are doing just fine it seems at the moment.

    • Even though I’m snobby, I still want to try everything! : ) I feel the same way in that I think they will expand, and they really have built a strong following. Thanks for reading! Have you eaten there? If so, what did you eat?

  2. That food looks amazing! For some reason, people don’t serve portobello sandwiches here as the veggie option like they do everywhere else. I can only think of one place in Austin with a portobello sandwich.

  3. The food is absolutely amazing and every item has an extremely memorable taste. Needless to say, I will not be spending any more money on a typical, bland, food chain burger. I have yet to taste anything even remotely close to the explosion of flavors you experience with Create Gourmet Eats menu. Kudos you two and thank you for having the courage to step out of the box. Support your local Business!!!

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