Foodie Finds: Mezzetta Products

I’ve recently developed an obsession with Mezzetta products. I want to try every single one of their products, except for the cocktail onions (yuck!). They tout themselves as “the leading producer of glass-packed peppers, olives, and specialty foods in the United States” on their website. My obsession began when Albertson’s had them on sale at 2 for $3. I bought the Peperoncini Slices, Hot Jalapeno Slices, and Roasted Red Bell Peppers. Initially, I wasn’t going to try the jalapenos, but I’ve had a craving for pickled jalapenos. I haven’t used the bell peppers yet, but I love the peperoncini and jalapeno slices. They are crisp, flavorful, and pack the right amount of heat. The jalapenos also come in a “tamed” variety, which is a hybrid of jalapeno and bell pepper, developed for the company by Texas A & M University.

It turns out that Mezzetta is not limited to jarred condiments, but produces pasta sauces as well. Their sauce is on the high end of the pasta sauce spectrum at about $6 a jar! I don’t like to pay above $3 for jarred pasta sauce,  so I was only able to try it when Sun Harvest had them on sale at buy one get one free. I was blown away by the flavor. It was just as good as Rao’s sauces (sold at most grocery stores in El Paso, also priced at $6-8 a jar), which is one of my favorites thanks to Cooking Light’s Pasta Sauce Taste Test article. Both brands of sauce have a heartiness that cheaper sauces don’t come close to providing.

I purchased Mezzetta’s Porcini Mushroom and Tomato Basil sauces. The Porcini sauce was intense! It was rich from the extra-virgin olive oil and earthy from the mushrooms. The sauce combines locally grown (Napa Valley) porcini, champignon, and portabella mushrooms in this voluptuous marinara. I didn’t use all of the sauce for my pasta, so I decided to make a quick soup for lunch (recipe follows). The tomato basil was also amazing, but I didn’t think it had much basil flavor. The only negative aspect of Mezzetta sauces is the sodium content. A half cup serving ranges from 500-560 mg of sodium. Their sauces are so good, I just might shell out $6 to try all 8 flavors (except for Puttanesca of course, it has anchovies).

Quick Creamy Tomato Soup for One

Jarred pasta sauce is my secret to a great minestrone, so it made perfect sense to turn this sauce into a quick and delicious soup.

½ cup Mezzetta Porcini Mushroom sauce (or any other pasta sauce)
¼-½ cup water
1-4 tsp. half & half (or any type of milk)

Combine sauce, milk, and enough water to your desired consistency. Heat over a stove or microwave for about 1 minute. That’s it! Garnish with parmesan cheese and crusty bread.



  1. Greetings!
    Recently found your blog and have been enjoying your research and approach to foods.

    If ever you are interested in giving the pantry items from the Entropy Kitchen a snob challenge let me know. I use fresh, local & homegrown seasonal organic ingredients and only old world traditional methods for creating my recipes.

    Keep on reporting to us and thanks for sharing your creativity.

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