Foodie Finds: Goya Frozen Products

There’s a little Mexican grocery store called Mando’s Produce on Doniphan in between Thorn and Redd that I go to every once in awhile. If you live on the westside you may have heard of it, or recognize it as that red barn store. The entire shopping center that it’s located in has a red barn motif. I’ve only been there a couple of times because they have really good deals on their produce, but the produce is sometimes lacking. A coworker also recommended I go there for a red enchilada sauce, but I’m still not sure which one she was referring to.

Last week, I happened to really take notice of their frozen food section, and I was impressed! I’ve seen Goya dry and canned products at other local grocery stores, but I really hit the Goya jackpot here. Not only did they have the Mexican/Spanish products, but the Puerto Rican and Peruvian products as well, and at reasonable prices!

The frozen selection varied, from prepared foods to ingredients. They had beef and green chile cheese tamales (they contain lard), tostones, plantains, beef empanadas, beef taquitos, and croquettes (meat based). Ingredients included whole hot red peppers from Peru (they looked like small red bell peppers), grated yucca root (yucca rallada), various fruit pulps, discos (dough rounds) for empanadas, and banana leaves*. They also had tubs of Recaito (cilantro based seasoning) and Sofrito (Spanish cooking base).

If you live on the eastside, it may be worth the trek if you miss Puerto Rican and other Latin American foods. I have yet to see these products at other grocery stores, but please correct me if I’m wrong (I still haven’t been to Pro’s Ranch Market). I didn’t buy anything, but I’m dying to try the tostones, banana leaves, and recaito.

Visit for more info and recipes on their products.

*You may also be able to find banana leaves on the eastside at the Asian import stores near Hunter and Gateway West (Oriental Imports and Wan Jia Le).

Discos para empandas



  1. Wanted to know if this store sells goya can goods like a variety of beans and bags of goya rice. I’ve been looking for a store that sold goya products but only found 1 on Dyer called Luna and Sons.

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  3. THANK YOU so much for this info. I am brand new here from Miami & I thought I was going to have to give up my Native Puerto Rican favorites. Guess I won’t!!! Best Wishes

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