Turkey Trouble

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is only days away! I haven’t even finalized a menu, so I’ve spent the whole day poring through recipes. I’ve also compiled a list of vegetarian features from 2010 to share with you. Many of them showcase pies and gratins as a main dish and utilize seasonal vegetables and legumes. Just click on the list of links below to view the recipes.

How do you handle Thanksgiving as a vegetarian or vegan? I’ve been a vegetarian for over ten years, and my family still frets about what I’m going to eat. I’ve never even really liked or eaten turkey, so I don’t see why it’s still a problem. My main dish usually consists of lasagna, pot pie, or a meat substitute. Meat subs that I’ve used in the past have been Morningstar Chik Patties, Quorn products, and of course, Tofurky Roast. I love Tofurky products, but I am not a fan of the roast. Quorn makes two gourmet Chik’n Cutlets that come in Cranberry & Goat Cheese and Gruyere. I’ve tried the Gruyere cutlet, and boy is it rich and decadent. I might try the Cranberry & Goat cheese one this year. The cutlets are topped with the filling and coated with crunchy bread crumbs. Quorn also makes a Turk’y Roast, but it is not vegan. It has 77% less fat than the real thing! Gardein made a seasonal product called Savory Stuffed Turkey, but I doubt it’s available in El Paso. Let me know if you find it!

What are you making, or what are your favorite Thanksgiving recipes?

My favorite past main dish has been a Roasted Butternut Squash, Rosemary, & Garlic Lasagna from Gourmet magazine. It’s super rich and filling, especially with its savory whipped cream topping. Get the recipe here.

Pumpkin Pies (left is vegan)

Veggie Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup:

Bon Apetit’s Hearty Vegetarian Dinner for 4
Legumes rule this menu.
Main dish: Mushroom & Lentil Pot Pies w/Gouda Biscuit topping.
View the recipes>>

Chef Tal’s Thanksgiving Menu
Completely vegan and uses a Gardein product.
All of the recipes sound amazing, especially the Sage & Pumpkin Encrusted Chick’n w/Cranberry Cabernet sauce and the Oven Roasted Banana Rum Cheesecake.
View the recipes>>

Cooking Light’s A Feast with no Beast
Lentils & mushrooms also star in this menu, but in separate courses.
Main dish: Mushroom & Caramelized-Shallot Strudel
View the recipes>>

Martha Stewart’s Meatless Thanksgiving
Cheesy and bready recipes dominate.
Recipes that piqued my interest: Twice Baked Butternut Squash, Roasted Cauliflower & Manchego Hand Pies, Pumpkin & Pecorino Gratin, Sweet Potato Cannelloni, Swiss Chard Pie.
View the recipes>>

Vegetarian Times’ A Greens Thanksgiving (restaurant in San Francisco)
Lots of seasonal vegetables are featured in this menu. The soup is on the cover of the current issue. Main Dish: Wild Mushroom & Carmamelized Onion Sheperd’s Pies w/Mushroom Pinot Noir Sauce
View the recipes>>

Food Network’s Thanksgiving Menu
Another Sheperd’s Pie, but it looks really good.
View the recipes>>



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