Day Seven

I wanted to make something special and fancy, so I envisioned some roasted veggies with Tofurky Italian sausage on baked polenta sticks. Unfortunately, it was such a letdown. I’m not a fan of polenta, but I decided to give it a second chance. Either I haven’t mastered it or I just don’t like it, because I’m still not crazy about it. The veggies looked and smelled good, but the flavors just weren’t there. To top it off, I forgot to add the sausage! For some reason I forgot that I bought the sausage and added navy beans instead. Oh, well, maybe it will taste better the  next day.

Toasted Wheat-fuls, bananas, & almond milk w/freshly ground nutmeg.











Yup, I still had leftover curry stir fry.










Squash, mushrooms, roasted red bell pepper, navy beans, & Muir Glen fire roasted tomatoes w/baked polenta sticks.




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