Day Five

I didn’t feel like cooking or eating leftovers for dinner, so I ate at Taco Bell. I ordered the 7 layer burrito, and boy was it missing the two most important layers. The cheese and sour cream! Taco Bell has also added two new salsas! They are called verde and fire-roasted. The verde was gross. It was way too acidic and didn’t taste like much. The fire-roasted was better, but not good either. It had a smoky flavor, but it also had that weird acidic taste.

Breakfast: Breakfast Tacos (leftover soyrizo y papas w/cashew cream & guacamole)











Lunch: "Turkey" sandwich, salad, & leftover tofu curry











Dinner: 7 Layer Burrito sans sour cream & cheese, chips, and the new Verde & Fire-Roasted Salsas.

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