Day Two

Today was much easier because I actually took the time to cook. I did more shopping and cooking, so the rest of the week should go smooth as well. I’m just going to show you what I ate today, and then I’ll post the recipes separately.

The most exciting part of today was making vegan ricotta and actually liking it. At first, I didn’t care for it because I thought I could really taste the soy and nutritional yeast flakes (and I knew it wasn’t real cheese), but as the flavors had time to marinate together, it tasted really good. My picky, meat-eating partner even tried it and enjoyed it!

Breakfast: Toasted Wheat-fuls, raisins, & cinnamon in almond milk.
Lunch: "Tandoori" stir fry w/tofu, veggies, & whole wheat pasta.



















Dinner: Salad, spinach & "ricotta" stuffed shells, & random homemade fries side dish. Not pictured: bread w/vegan margarine.



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