The “Burger” List

This list is outdated. View the updated list here>> 

I don’t really have a favorite veggie patty anymore. All I care about is the bread and the fixings. My favorite veggie burger used to be at Bennigan’s (RIP). At one point they carried Boca patties, ultimately switching to a black bean patty. I forget what the burger was called, but it had cheddar cheese, guacamole, caramelized onions, and chipotle bbq sauce. All of these toppings complimented the black bean patty nicely. Since their closure, I have yet to find the complete package that Bennigan’s offered.

I have also limited my veggie patty intake since the hexane controversy, but it is nice to go to a restaurant knowing that you can order a burger. So, I thought I would create this list of local restaurants that offer a veggie burger option. I’ve even included a couple of restaurants that are only in Las Cruces. Unfortunately, none of the restaurants offer a vegan veggie patty that I know of.

I really like that Chili’s offers flexibility with their patty. You can substitute the patty in just about anything. I’ve tried it in burgers, salads (Quesadilla Explosion), and my favorite, the Santa Fe Chicken Wrap. They don’t even look at me funny when I ask to sub it. They just say, sure and warn me that they will have to slice up the patty. Denny’s used to serve a Gardenburger patty, but they are now offering Amy’s brand. I can’t wait to try them, because I’ve never tried them before and I heard that they don’t contain hexane anymore.

This is getting ranty, but let me conclude with 3 things that irk me:

  1. Charred veggie patties. They’re already cooked & they’re not meat! So, please don’t try to cook them until they’re “well done”!
  2. Extra charge. Hudson’s charges $1 to substitute the veggie patty!
  3. No vegan option. It’s about time my fellow vegans get a break!

Do you have a favorite veggie burger? Am I forgetting any restaurants in El Paso? What other restaurants have veggie burgers in Las Cruces? Let’s keep adding to the list!

In alphabetical order & hyperlinked:

BJ’s Brewhouse (Eastside) Gardenburger

Buffalo Wild Wings (Eastside) Boca. Black Bean Patty. Do not eat anything deep fried here.Their frying oil contains beef tallow! : (

Burger King (citywide) Morningstar Farms Garden Veggie

Cielo Vista Natural Market (eastside) Unsure of brand.

Chili’s (citywide) Black Bean Patty. Sub it in the Sante Fe Chicken Wrap.

Denny’s (citywide) Amy’s Veggie Burger (vegan)

Fuddrucker’s (citywide) Gardenburger

The Greenery (westside) Veggie Patty (Gardenburger?)

Hudson’s Grill (eastside) Gardenburger (they charge extra)

High Desert Brewing Co. (Las Cruces) Veggie Burger (can’t remember)

Jaxon’s (east, central, & west) Black Bean Patty

The Magic Pan (westside) Veggie burger on a brioche bun (haven’t tried it yet)

The Riviera (westside) not sure, & servers couldn’t tell me, but I think it’s an Amy’s brand black bean patty

Ruby Tuesday (Las Cruces) Veggie Patty (unspecified brand, not vegan)

Spec’s (west/Sunland Park area) Boca patty

Subway (citywide) Oblong Veggie Patty to fit bread (Morningstar?)

Toro Burger (west & central) They used to make their own, but have switched to Morningstar (I think). Nothing stellar for one of the supposedly best burger places in Texas (meat eaters agree). Overpriced @ $7 (side not included).



  1. I LOVE the black bean patty at Jaxson’s! I have had it soggy once, which was gross..but every other time I have been happy. I order it with avocado, cheese and jalapeno. I have yet to try chilli’s, but if it is anything like Jaxson’s, I want to!

    • I think it might be the same one. If you get the burger at Chili’s, it can be a little dry. It’s perfect in the wrap, even though it’s in pieces.

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