Foodie Finds: Naan Bread

Did you know that Walmart carries Naan bread?!

Nan or naan is a flat bread that is popular in India. Walmart has a line of artisanal breads that includes naan that comes in plain, cilantro, and roasted garlic. My favorite is the cilantro one, but I can’t find it anymore. They taste slightly different from the ones served at Indian restaurants. They are rich, buttery, and delicious, but a little too heavy. They contain a laundry list of ingredients, but at least one of them is ghee (Indian clarified butter).

The package comes with 2 large pieces of naan, and costs $2.50. I now make sure to buy them whenever I cook Indian at home, but you don’t have to limit yourself to Indian cuisine. The back of the package has a list of recipe ideas that includes pizza naan, naan wraps, panini naans, and my favorite to say- naantons! Naantons are small pieces that can be used in place of croutons. Another favorite is Naanwiches™. Yup, you saw that right, they’re trademarked!  I would have trademarked naantons instead.

Update: A friend of mine said that a store at 4700 N. Mesa sells some really good naan. I believe it’s called the R V Grocery & Food Store. Thanks Oscar!


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