Review: Healthy Bite

Healthy Bite is a family owned addition to downtown that offers fresh, quality ingredients. They serve breakfast items, salads, sandwiches, and paninis. There are several vegetarian/vegan options on the menu. Besides salads, my only options were a veggie sandwich or a veggie panini. The Cucumber Sandwich has fresh cucumbers, scallions, alfalfa sprouts, and cream cheese on whole grain bread. The Roasted Veggies Panini has a smoky blend of mediterranean veggies on either whole grain or white ciabatta bread.

I was about to order the Roasted Veggies Panini, when I noticed that their lunch special was vegetarian. They offer daily combos for $5.99. This combo was a panini with mozarella, ricotta, pesto, and roasted red bell pepper on garlic ciabatta bread. The combo also came with an iced tea and a fruit cup.

I’m not a fan of ciabatta, but this one had a nice, soft chewiness to it and the garlic flavor wasn’t overpowering. I overheard the owner telling someone that they special order their bread, and that the company is very selective with their clients. I’m not sure how healthy this panini was, because it had a ton of cheese in it. There must have been three or four slices of cheese in there, but I couldn’t seem to find the ricotta. It was really delicious though.

I was a little disappointed that the combo came with fruit rather than salad. I don’t like very many fruits, but all of the fruits were really ripe, sweet, and juicy. It came with honeydew melon, cantaloupe, strawberries, and pineapple. I can’t wait to go back to try their Roasted Veggies Panini!

Take a look at their menu on their website. Healthy Bite is located at 117 N. Stanton in the International Building. The place is tiny and has limited seating, so you may have to get your order to go.

The Daily Special. Look at all that cheese!

Healthy Bites on Urbanspoon


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