Update: Booooo! was nommed by Foodspotting! This is terrible news for me because I don’t have an iPhone and it’s only for restaurant food. According to them, you can’t spot food at home, “because the purpose of Foodspotting is to help people decide what to eat and where, we encourage you to only spot foods that are publicly available. Now if you WANT people to drop by your home to eat your food, then it might be okay.”

My latest social media obsession is The site “lets you keep a visual record of meals you’ve eaten, encouraging healthier and more social eating. Whether you’re a foodie or a nutritionist, you’ll love” Well, I am a foodie and I am loving this site. The only problem is that it has turned me into this pseudo food stylist. Before I eat, I try to arrange my food and take several “shots” to best capture my meal. My food ends up getting cold because I’ve spent so much time fussing with it and taking several bad pictures with my camera on my cell phone. Of course, this also means that my food looks a bit gross due to poor lighting, but it’s fun! I just started, so I haven’t posted too many pictures. I guess you could call it micro-photo-blogging.

I think that this site, like all social networking sites, has potential for so many different uses. You can make it into whatever you want, whether you want to track if you’re getting enough protein and nutrients, or use it to advocate for vegetarianism. Another neat thing about is that you can see how many views your profile and entries have received. You are also able to friend/follow other users.

Whenever my vegetarianism comes up in social situations, I’m usually asked about what I eat and how hard it is to be a vegetarian, especially in El Paso. Sometimes it takes me a moment to answer them. What do I eat? I’ve been a vegetarian for so long, I don’t even think about what I eat or how it doesn’t contain meat. Maybe next time I could just refer them to my profile. They probably won’t look at it, but it’s worth a try.

If you decide to start your own account, be sure to look me up and friend me!


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