I am so excited to finally begin writing this blog! I started creating this blog about a year ago, but I never fully started it due to the usual busyness of life. So, now I am ready to dedicate myself to writing about my passion and sharing it with others. I’ll be posting recipes, restaurant reviews, and other topics on a weekly basis *crosses fingers*. Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions, and corrections.



  1. I disagree with your post about Ripe Eatery being Vegan & Vegetarian friendly. Their eatery is great and accommodates Vegetarians but not Vegans. Not one Vegan beer at the bar and the only options for Vegans were 2 of 7 salads on the menu.

    • I agree that Ripe has more vegetarian than vegan options, but I think they are some good selections. The Curried Coconut Veggie Tagine and the Garden Veggie Sandwich without pesto and cheese are two vegan entrees on the menu.

      I’m a little confused about you saying that they don’t have vegan beer. They do change out their taps occasionally, but I have always noted that there is vegan friendly beer. Currently, the majority (I think all), beer on draught is vegan.

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